PLAINFIELD  Special Improvement District
About the Plainfield SID

The idea for creating a Plainfield Special Improvement District originated with the city administration.  The SID organized in September 2004 by electing a Board of Directors and approving corporate bylaws.  The SID is a self-governing body with its business members electing its Board of Directors each year.  The members fund the SID's operations via a self-imposed tax assessment; no residential properties pay this assessment.

The Plainfield Special Improvement District is here to serve you by linking the city with property owners and local business to enhance the image/perceptions of the city internally and externally. The SID conducts a number of special events every year, ranging from car shows to a block party to horse-and-wagon rides and sidewalk sales.  The SID also publishes a periodic magazine, removes graffiti from commercial buildings, erected the illuminated flagpole in Plainwood Square park on South Avenue, and placed gateway signs at 11 locations throughout the district.
Elected Board of Directors (2014):
Nimrod Webb, President & Treasurer 
Donna Albanese, Vice President-South Avenue
Lisa Cohen, Vice President-Downtown
Michael Sullivan, Assistant Treasurer
Choong Hwang
Martiza Martinez
Dr. Scott Rotolo
Joe Deserio

Albert Pittis
(representing Plainfield Cultural & Heritage Commission)
Appointed City Officials (2014):
Councilwoman Tracey Brown
Councilman Cory Storch
Councilwoman Vera Greaves
Mission Statement
"The property owners and the businesses in the City of Plainfield share a strong and renewed vision that emboldens a partnership with local government that will embark in the creation of a more successful and profitable business climate. It executes business retention activities, improves security and maintenance, and brings about revitalization and value enhancement. In addition, this initiative will undertake aggressive marketing and development efforts that will strengthen and expand entrepreneurship and the wealth and prosperity within the special improvement district and the community."

"Los dueños de propiedades y los negocios en la ciudad de Plainfield comparte una visión fuerte y renovada que emboldens una sociedad con el gobierno local que se embarcará en la creación de un clima de negocio más acertado y más provechoso. Ejecuta actividades de la retención del negocio, mejora seguridad y mantenimiento, y causa el realce de la revitalización y del valor. Además, esta iniciativa emprenderá los esfuerzos agresivos de la comercialización y del desarrollo que consolidarán y ampliarán espíritu emprendedor y la abundancia y la prosperidad dentro del districto especial de la mejora y de la comunidad."